Documentary Work Display.
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Pixel Money

The latest trend that has been sweeping the internet is called NFT which stands for Non-Fungible Token. In March, a digital art video of a flying kitty was sold for 69 million dollars. Ever since people have started investing millions of dollars into buying digital animals and digital arts. So what is behind this crazy, expensive art?

Looking Beyond Hijab

Mariam Soliman uses poems to break the stereotypes people have against Muslim women.

Richie Pervert

The only person who can define who you are is yourself. 

Morning Rush Hours NYC

What is the morning like in the busiest city in the world?


Portaluca, Cincinnati, OH. A specialty nonprofit boutique supporting Dress For Success Cincinnati's services to disadvantaged women through work apparel and career development skills.


 "I definitely don't match the beauty standards in Japan," Hastue Andrew said. Growing up, Andrew is always trying to find a way to express herself and show the world who she is. 

This video is a short portrait documentary about Hastue Andrew. 


 Showing you around the Over the Rhine, located in Cincinnati, Ohio. Using still images and audio recorded at each location.